Nicolas Buchmann


Nicolas Buchmann, M.Sc.

Position: Research Assistant

Office: D19 room 02.02

Email: nicolas.buchmann -at-

Telephone: +49 – (0)6151 – 16 30088

Mini CV

In 2006 I started my studies in computer science at University of Applied Science h_da in Darmstadt. I  received my master’s degree in February 2011. Since April 2012 I’m a member at CASED.

Current Teachings

(Winter term 2015/2016) Security Protocols and Infrastructures

Current offerings

Please have a look at this page.


  • N. Buchmann, C. Rathgeb, J. Wagner, C. Busch and H. Baier, A Preliminary Study on the Feasibility of Storing Fingerprint and Iris Image Data in 2D-Barcodes, Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG), 2016 International Conference of the, 2016 PUB
  • N. Buchmann und H. Baier, Elektronische Identifizierung und vertrauenswürdige Dienste, D.A.C.H. Security 2015 PUB
  • Nicolas Buchmann, Christian Rathgeb, Roel Peeters, Harald Baier, Christoph Busch, „BioPACE: Biometric-Protected Authentication Connection Establishment“, In Advances in Security and Privacy of Biometrics Systems, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015 PUB
  • Jens Hermans, Roel Peeters, Nicolas Buchmann, ePassport PROTOCOLS and CERTIFICATE ARCHITECTURE, White Paper, 2015 PUB
  • Nicolas Buchmann and Harald Baier, Towards a more secure and scalable verifying PKI of eMRTD, Journal of Computer Security, Volume 22, Number 6 / 2014 PUB
  • Nicolas Buchmann, Christian Rathgeb, Harald Baier, Christoph Busch, Towards electronic identification and trusted services for biometric authenticated transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area, In Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Privacy Forum (APF’14), 2014 PUB
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  • Nicolas Buchmann, Roel Peeters, Harald Baier, Andreas Pashalidis, Security considerations on extending PACE to a biometric-based connection establishment, Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG), 2013 International Conference of the , vol., no., pp.1,13, 5-6 Sept. 2013 PUB
  • Robin Acker, Steffen Brandt, Nicolas Buchmann, Thorsten Fugmann, Michael Massoth, Ubiquitous home control based on SIP and presence service, In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Integration and Web Based Applications & Services (iiWAS’10), 2010 PUB